Business relationships

Thanks to our network of market consultants we can offer a full range of services and you can choose a tailor-made product for your business strategies, saving time and money.


Besides big corporate companies there are thousands of small-medium sized companies, many of them working on customer design, whose strong point is their flexibility.

They can easily match product care and high quality with competitive prices. Don't waste your time in a blind search and apply to our services that start from a pre-selection of companies that can comply with your requests.


Most of the products have several possible different distribution channels. Some of them are typical of our market or have better performances in Italy than in other industrialized Countries.

Don't waste your money in exploration travels or mailing after a first contact but rely on our services in order to find the best solution according to your production structure, your range of products, your prices.


We can select Sales Agents all over Italy through our data base and advertising.

The selection continues through direct interviews in order to verify the matching of the Agent's skill with the Company requests.

Price to be quoted according to the required kind of research and the extension of it.

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  • Suppliers and Customer Search
    We will select some possible suppliers who can comply with your requests of products. Business to business customer search.
  • Market research
    Before starting any investment You could be interested in testing Your products in Italian market.
  • Qualitative Research
    In-depth interviews, Focus groups discussions, In-home visits, one-to-one.
  • Quantitative Research
    Direct and personal interviews- face to face, Postal and telephone surveys.
  • International Reasearch
    Qualitative and quantitative research research on other markets out of Italy.
  • Agents Search
    We can select Sales Agents all over Italy through our data base and advertising.