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Suppliers search

We can source Italian suppliers for you, starting from a first selection of some possible vendors who can comply with your requests of products and /or services and send you a list of Companies with short company profiles.

Offers from possible suppliers

If you are looking for an Italian vendor you can ask for a specific product or service that you need, we will select a restricted list of possible suppliers and we will submit you with their offers.
If you are interested in some of the proposed companies, wish to meet them to deepen the knowledge and discuss about the terms of the offer or just have a meeting to evaluate the possibility of starting a cooperation, we will supply a logistical and commercial assistance on site: pick you up at the airport, book an hotel for you, drive you to the possible suppliers, assist you in the negotiation.
After having reached an agreement with one or more possible suppliers you could need to have just one point of reference to follow the development of the situation and start your business relationships in the best way. We can follow your suppliers in order to keep the thread of your contacts in a faster and cheaper way.

Buying office

If the continuous purchase of Italian products leads you to need an organization that can take care of all the aspects of the purchase, from the assistance on site during your visit to the suppliers to the search of new suppliers, from order transmission to quality inspection, we can assist you as a buying office.

Our advice

To source Italian suppliers in many different fields has been our most important activity since more than 12 years. We have helped several foreign companies to find the right commercial partner in Italy.
To find an Italian manufacturer of ATM machines, a field that is controlled by big multinational groups, has been just the last challenge but during the time we have worked for bakery equipments, glass for lighting fixtures and tableware, lpg and cng conversion kits and service stations, power generators, pumps, moulded plastic parts, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, wine, pasta, extra virgin olive oil, stainless steel profiles and parts, cold rooms, chromium plated brass parts … just to name a few.
According to our experience the best results have come starting from an analysis of the foreign company’s needs and aims. Each company and each product has got its own history and deserves a dedicated approach.
Our suggestion is to get in touch with us and discuss about what could be the best way to have the tailor-made service that we will be happy of offering you. You will also discover that, in most of the cases, it’s free of charge.



  • Suppliers and Customer Search
    We will select some possible suppliers who can comply with your requests of products. Business to business customer search.
  • Market research
    Before starting any investment You could be interested in testing Your products in Italian market.
  • Qualitative Research
    In-depth interviews, Focus groups discussions, In-home visits, one-to-one.
  • Quantitative Research
    Direct and personal interviews- face to face, Postal and telephone surveys.
  • International Reasearch
    Qualitative and quantitative research research on other markets out of Italy.
  • Agents Search
    We can select Sales Agents all over Italy through our data base and advertising.